Splinter Cell Blacklist E3 Trailer Breakdown

With Ubisoft’s announcement of Splinter Cell Blacklist, we’ve been treated to an inside look at Sam Fisher’s next terrorist-killing venture. With conventions old and new arising in the trailer, we can look forward to the same brutal stealth gameplay familiar to the franchise, as well as a host of new gadgets and abilities used to get the job done right. Here are our thoughts on the trailer for Splinter Cell Blacklist.


I’ll let everyone else focus on the cool gadgets and story implications of the trailer.  I want to take a t look at the cooperative seeds the trailer plants.  Splinter Cell: Conviction had an incredible co-op experience, but it was relegated to two one-off characters and didn’t tie in to the main story in a huge way.  Blacklist looks like it may change that.  Of course Sam’s sniper buddy on the roof offers a potential co-op partner, but what about the prisoner that he rescues?  At one point, Sam clearly tosses him a gun and the two of them shoot their way out of the situation.  “Welcome to Fourth Echelon” Sam says to him.  Is it possible that at least three people will be able to play the campaign together, or will the characters be constantly shifting?  Either way, the potential for a full co-op story has me beyond excited.


Seeing Sam Fisher in action again is amazing, but nothing beats sitting in the Xbox Media Briefing and watching that demo for the first time. There’s some random guy speaking Arabic and carrying a wounded soldier. He’s ushered into a tent where two men tend to the injured man, while a third questions the man who brought him. Suddenly, the delivery boy attacks, killing the two tending to the wounded man and injuring the third. The attacker brushes the scarf from his face, revealing Sam Fisher…and I LOST IT. “THAT’S SAM FISHER!!” I’m whisper-yelling to the guys next to me. “THIS IS SPLINTER CELL! SPLINTER CELL!” That was easily one of the best parts of Xbox’s briefing and one of the biggest surprises of E3 2012. Loved it.


I’m glad to see Splinter Cell return to its roots after a big change with Conviction. Conviction was a cool breakaway from the norm for the series but Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory are the highlights for me and I’m happy to see it come back towards that way.

Sam Fisher is keeping the attitude but headed back to the field. I liked Fisher’s character in Conviction. It was gritty and natural. In Blacklist, he keeps that but he is back to being an agent. Great mix there and it lends to a more intense atmosphere. The advanced tech is a bit weird to see but I won’t write it off just yet. I like the added stealth kills from various locations and the open ended nature of the mission maps shown.

I’m excited for Blacklist. I haven’t been this excited to get my hands on a Splinter Cell game since Chaos Theory.