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No support for two GamePads at Wii U launch

This is a question I have been contemplating ever since Nintendo first announced the Wii U during its press conference at E3 last year: will the Wii U support more than one GamePad? According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, at Wii U’s launch, the answer is a definitive no.

Talking with Gamasutra, the Regginator said the following: “Games need to be built that can take advantage of the two GamePad controllers. It’s going to be well after launch for those game experiences to come to life.” Note how he didn’t even bring up three or four GamePads. That’s because developers are expected to figure out how to incorporate two GamePads, and then focus on how to incorporate a third or even a fourth.

In addition to talking about support for more than one GamePad, Fils-Aime also talked about asymmetric gameplay being the “next major step forward.” Good luck, Nintendo. You will most definitely need it.


Source: Gamasutra