Buy a Vaio laptop, get a free PS3 or PS Vita

For students, if you buy a “qualifying” Windows PC from select retailers, they can get a free Xbox 360. Mind you, it’s the 4GB model, but still, a free 360. Trying not to be outdone, Sony has concocted something deviously similar: if students buy a Vaio laptop, they can get a free 160 GB PlayStation 3, a free PlayStation Vita (only Wi-Fi), $200 off PlayStation gear, or 8% total savings on select Vaio PCs. I think students will really pick the 8% total savings.

As for what Vaio models work with this deal, they include any S, T, Z, and L-series Sony PCs. The cheapest laptop seems to be around $750, so get to it, you crazy kids! Me, personally, I’ll be graduating next year, and I already have a MacBook Pro and an iPad, so I won’t be taking advantage of this deal, but for any other college student who’s looking for a replacement laptop, definitely take a look at this deal. You can go right here to take a look for yourself.


Source: Gizmodo

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  1. Eileen

    You can’t compare American kids with Indian kids, i.e., an under privileged kid in India will be of the same brain level as an average American kid. So please do the math and see how that turns out!!! Laptops Under 200

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