5 Video Game Items I Wish Were Real

There are a lot of cool video game items. But the ones I want in real life aren’t complicated high tech weapons and armor. I’d have no use for them. So following the same theme as I did last week in Video Game Worlds I Wish Our’s Was More Like, I’m listing 5 video game items that I wish were made in our world. They might not be the flashiest items, but they’d be the most fun and the most practical.

Wing Cap

There are a lot of different video game items that allow the player to fly. But which one is more classic or stylish than the Wing Cap from Mario 64. If these were sold at your local supermarket you could bet everyone and their mother would be picking these up. No more driving to work, and no more riding your bike for fun. Hop three times and “Here we go!” as Mario would say, you’d be flying through the air like it was nothing. If this item was made in real life I’m sure they would make it last a little longer than it does in-game. What could be a better video game item made in real life?

Portal Gun

Unlike some of the other items on this list the Portal Gun didn’t make it for its practicality or its usefulness. It wouldn’t be useful for traveling, and it wouldn’t make daily life that much easier. I would just use this item as a toy. Jumping through the floor and falling from the ceiling would be just the start. After playing through Portal I can think of so many ways to manipulate this item for endless enjoyment.

Time Shift Suit

This state of the art suit allows the wearer to slow, stop, or rewind time at will. It’s similar to the dagger in Prince of Persia, but personally I’d rather wear a suit of armor than carry around a miniature sword with me everywhere. This suit beat out other high tech armors like the ones from Crysis and Halo because it’d be more practical. Dodging bullets and protecting myself from shrapnel aren’t daily activities for me. But I would love the ability to freeze, or even better, rewind time at will. Imagine all of the trouble that could be avoided with this item. Or even better, think of all the trouble you could cause.

Gravity Gun

The gravity gun from Half Life 2, the Destroy All Humans! Pk, the Bioshock plasmid and the Doom 3 grabber… it doesn’t matter what you want to call it, having a gravity gun would be an awesome gadget in real life. Besides being able to shoot people with random objects lying around your house, you’d never have to leave your seat again. Manual labor and household chores would be fun, easy, and fast.  It would make the lazy person lazier and the productive person more productive. Everyone could benefit from having a gravity gun in real life, and is probably the item I want most.


This item from Minecraft is the game’s version of wiring and electricity. But sadly, in real life making contraptions is not as easy as it is in Minecraft. I wish that the power for my house came from a couple torches made from a common material. If that were the case I would save a ton of money on electrical bills. Besides that it would just be cool to be able to sprinkle some dust on the ground from a switch to the front door and make it automatic. While at first this seems like a pretty basic video game item, it would be exetremely useful and practical in the real world.


Can you think of an item that you wish was real that wasn’t on the list? Let us know with a comment below!