Super Slim PlayStation 3? Never Say Never Says Sony

Sony may announce a super slim PS3 model at some point according to Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida Eurogamer reports.

“”We haven’t announced anything new on PS3 in terms of hardware revisions. We should never say never (the) hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller,” Yoshida is quoted as saying when asked about future PS3 models.

The current slim version was announced at Gamescom three years ago and there are rumblings that the company may be about to unveil another revision at this year’s annual convention in Germany.

When asked if that is something Sony is considering Yoshida said “I don’t know if we are going to talk about anything like that. We are quite happy with the PS3.”

On the matter of possible revisions to PlayStation Move hardware Yoshida commented:

“If anything, we haven’t been able to really fully make use of the potential of PS Move. We are still finding new ways to use PS Move on PS3, and we continue to search for applications,” though he did admit looking at Kinect during Move’s development.

“So when, during the course of introducing and launching PS Move, we could have, might have, spoken about – we looked at the Kinect technology. We were talking about the hardware sensor technology, and that was not something we thought we wanted for PS3.”

Gamescom takes place in August in Cologne and has seen Sony announce Resistance 3 and the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 in previous years as well as the existing slim model. Last week it was announced that they would be attending this year’s show.