Molyneux: Xbox team looks “obsessively” at Sony

The former Microsoft executive and veteran developer Peter Molyneux has said that he believes the Xbox division of the Redmond company is obsessed with Sony.

Molyneux also claimed he is “shocked” by how little attention Games for Windows Live receives.  Of course Microsoft and Sony pay close attention to each other with it even being suggested that both companies decided to hold off on revealing their next gen systems at this year’s E3 – indicating that both knew a good deal about what the other company was doing.

The British developer believes that PlayStation has always had excellent exclusives and that first party titles could turn the company’s fortunes around if they’re given the freedom to do so:

“Sony has always had a very strong first person line-up, which I think is incredibly smart. They’ve got good developers. They’ve got some very talented developers. The way I always feel with Sony Sony can double down on those first party developers, give them the headroom to be inventive and be creative, especially when it comes it any next gen platform, then they could pull lots of rabbits out of the hat”

He also feels that Sony may be working on something that will reverse it’s fortunes, “I have expected, every single press conference for the last year, Sony to bring out this magic rabbit out from a huge hat and say, ‘Aha, world. You really don’t realize what’s going on.’ And I do worry about them.”

Molyneux thinks that there will be interesting times ahead for all of the console manufacturers:

“It’s going to be an interesting problem for all the console manufacturers I think. It’s because so much computer entertainment, is spreading and diversifying over so many different platforms. They no longer have the luxury of keeping us all funneled into these consoles.”

On the matter of PC gaming Molyneux says, “it’s always shocked me about how little Microsoft cared about the Windows platform. There was hardly a single talk about Windows 8 at all. You would’ve thought, with a billion installed machines, there would be at least some play.”

On his decision to leave Lionhead and establish indie developer 22 Cans Molyneux says “it is very, very difficult when you’re a developer owned by a publisher because when you’re talking it’s not just your voice. It’s the voice of your team, which is 200 persons strong; it’s the voice of the whole of Microsoft.”

22 Cans first game, Curiosity, is set to launch in a few weeks with DLC costing just £50,000 ($78,000).

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