Habbo Being Bombarded With Sex Offenders

Anyone here remember Habbo Hotel? That little downloadable social game where you bought couches and lamps? Or, you know, raided it and made sure people couldn’t use the pool? Perhaps you deemed the pool full of aids? Maybe you even made avatar diagrams of swastikas in the food court? Yes, Habbo has had its fair share of things happen to make the community want to rip its eyeballs out. However, this one is not meant to be  funny nor cool (even though some of those actions above were pretty insensitive but what can you do about 4Chan?). Habbo is apparently now a breeding ground for pedophiles.

Habbo launched originally in Finland, its creator’s mainland, back in 2000. It came out in other regions and right now is still open only in Finland and Spain but you can still download it with English language support wherever you are. It got really popular and even GameStop’s and other retailers sold the currency for it in the stores. It still gets about 10 million players a month.

Last year a pedophile was arrested for trying to sexual attract young girl on Habbo. A terrible recollection of events can be read at the link at the end of this article. Now, the BBC is reporting that one of the largest investors into Habbo’s creator Sulake is pulling out of the company. Venture capital firm Balderton has left Sulake due to the events happening in Habbo.

Since last year, Habbo has increased filters and block systems to quickly get rid of these types of players from their social game. They are also immediately removing players with reports of this type of behavior. Habbo is attempting to get rid of this problem and survive. When your second largest investor leaves, that may seem like an uphill battle.

See the full report here on the BBC’s website.