Dawnguard Beta Open Now

If you are anything like us, you’ve already poured hundereds of hours into Bethesda’s incredible RPG.  Some of us may have stopped slaying dragons months ago, but Dawnguard, the new DLC expansion, hopes to give players a reason to return to Skyrim.  Apparently a lot of people want to check this out (who knew?), so Bethesda was only able to provide beta invites to one half of one percent of the people who signed up.  The other 99.5% of us will have to wait for June 26th.

On their official blog, Bethesda had this to say, “Lucky fans began receiving emails tonight from “The Elder Scrolls”, and we’ll be done completing the deployment tomorrow. Within the email, users will receive an Xbox LIVE redemption code, as well as details on how to participate in our private feedback forum.”  Bethesda went on to say that anybody not receiving the beta shouldn’t fret, as they will be sending out another batch of invites.

Dawnguard tells the tale of an evil vampire lord who is trying to darken the sun, and the titular Dawnguard who is (natch) trying to stop him.  In addition to picking their side of the conflict, players can expect a vampire perk tree, new enemies, weapons and armor and a slew of gameplay fixes.  The beat offers full content and achievement functionality, and will hopefully clear up any nagging bugs before the public gets their hands on it.

Were you one of the ones in that extreme minority?  Are you excited about having a reason to reenter the province of Skyrim?  If you are unsure, check out Cassidee’s preview to see if Dawnguard is for you.