Wii U Will Have Friend Codes

The Wii U will feature Friend Codes according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime as reported by Kotaku.

However the much maligned feature will be greatly simplified for the new system. This will be addition to four layers of protection for the Nintendo Network and an Achievements style system.

Regarding Friend Codes he stated “there are friend codes, but it’s not the existing friend code system,” continuing that “it’s much simpler.”

Though more details are not yet forthcoming on how the feature will work on the Wii U.

The four levels of security for the Network are: parental controls, technology designed to remove offensive words, community flagging of inappropriate comments and finally reviews by Nintendo staff.

On the matter of achievements Fils-Amie said “we will have that. Once you start getting into game-specific [Achievements] that’s developer driven.” He added “that is not our (Nintendo’s) philosophy,” to require developers to add achievements.

When asked about the similarities between the hardcore Wii U controller and the Xbox 360 controller Fils-Amis remarked “you could say that our competitive controllers look a lot like our controller.”

“Fundamentally, ergonomically, it’s driven by what feels good in the hand. The controller has been in development for quite some time, and it’s based on feedback that, for certain games and for certain experiences, that type of controller offers a richer experience,” he added.

The Wii U is due for release sometime later this year.