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Weapon ideas for Assassin’s Creed

For me, one of the biggest appeals of the Assassin’s Creed series is all the neat little gadgets you use in order to be the perfect, stealth, killing machine. With each new release, Ubisoft introduces a new tool at the player’s disposal to both A) Show a rise in technology as years pass, and how the assassin’s order is not completely unwilling to evolve with the times and B) Spice things up for the player. With that in mind, here are some of the new items I would like to see in Assassin’s Creed 3, or just later in the franchise in general.

1. Rope Dart – In the new gameplay trailer, we got a taste of the our assassin using a rope to hang one of the British solider’s from a tree. Whether they are actually implementing a Rope Dart, I don’t know. But I do know that it would be awesome if they did! The Rope Dart certainly falls under the realm of the less conventional weapons, however if Assassin’s Creed has taught me anything it’s that even the most unusual items can be utilized as weapons of death in the right hands (parachute). The mechanic of this item in gameplay could even allow the player to assassinate without actually having to jump off the rooftop, and without making noise. Sure, the throwing knives already fulfill this gameplay feature. But a Rope Dart could also double as a means for an assassin to scale buildings faster, or tie up a bunch of guards and escape without having to resort to bloodshed. It’s exotic, and in my opinion a fight using this would be very aesthetically pleasing.

2. Fire Bomb – Assassin’s Creed Revelations was all about the bombs. However, despite the many different types of lethal and non-lethal varieties you could create the player could never construct a tried and true Fire Bomb. Think of a scenario where you as a player are sneaking out from a castle, guards hot on your heels. Then, in a desperate maneuver the assassin turns and chunks a small ceramic ball at his pursuers. An inferno of red and orange bursts forth, drenching the first few and killing those unlucky enough to be at the head. The rest are barred off from pursuit by the heat, allowing the player to make their getaway. There is some kind of splendor with having the control of fire at your disposal, not to mention incredibly cool.

3. Money – Money has always been a sort of weapon in Assassin’s Creed. The player can bribe Heralds to lower their wanted rating, or hire mercenaries and thieves to assist them in fighting guards. But I have always wanted them to take this a step further and just let you bribe the guards themselves to look the other way. These games aren’t like Splinter Cell where the focus is on being a complete ghost, where you want to get in and get out without the enemies having any idea that you existed in the first place. The main characters have always made their presence and intentions known somewhat to their enemies, but also know that there is nothing their enemies can do about it. So if you are trying to kill a fort captain who is surrounded by guards at every entrance, let’s let the player walk up and pay off the guards, and have them do nothing while you slit the captain’s throat.

4. Bola – I’m honestly kind of shocked that they haven’t put a bola into Assassin’s Creed yet. This would be a perfect weapon, and not even a stretch to try and make it fit into the game mechanics. There is a good emphasis on the chase in this franchise. Countless time the player is forced to hop rooftop to rooftop either after somebody, or away from somebodies. It would be extremely exciting to be able to stop, enter into a third/first person non-lock on shooting situation where the player has to skill shot throw a bola at somebodies legs to trip them up. You would only be able to carry a limited number, and perhaps they would be expensive.

5. A Pet – Tracking in Assassin’s Creed always kind of bored me. You enter into your Eagle Vision, and basically your target sticks out so much that he might as well be shooting fireworks over his head. I always wished that if Ubisoft was going to make finding your target this easy, they made it at least a bit less high-tech. My suggestion would be to give your assassin a pet hawk or eagle! When you have to find somebody for a mission, you send it off. After some amount of time, your trusty companion returns to you. At this point you follow the bird by rooftop until it perches in the general vicinity of your target. Then the whole eagle vision comes into play, where your target sticks out because your pet is staring at it, not because our assassin just always ‘knows’ his target. Also with a pet, the player could use it to help assist in escapes by acting as a eye-pecking, wing beating distraction. Admittedly, having a pet in Assassin’s Creed would be kind of silly. But I think it would be far less silly than trying to envision an assassin in the late 1400s parachuting down from a 3 story building to stab some guy in the neck.