Lucius: It’s Not Easy Being a Six Year Old Antichrist

Shiver Games presents a puzzle game with a unique premise. You play as Lucius, the son of the Devil, who was born of course, on the 6/6/1966. On your sixth birthday, your powers begin to manifest. But before you can fulfill your father’s bidding, you need to eliminate all the other people in the mansion so that no one stands between you and ending the world.

Your task will not be easy though. You have to dispose of the people holding you back in ways that won’t draw suspicion to you. Their deaths have to look like “accidents” devised with only the everyday items one would find around a mansion. Every success grants Lucius more of his inherited power. Eventually, he can become a true terror, controlling objects with his mind and forcing weak people to do his evil bidding.

But it’s not all just offing nanny’s and “accidentally” knocking people over second floor railings to their deaths on the floor below. Hidden about the mansion are clues to the mystery of how Lucius’ parents became entangled with the Devil in the first place. So players can explore that when they get bored of sicking their Satanic Minions on unsuspecting playmates or the mansion’s staff.

The game was originally scheduled for a 2012 Q1 release, however, Shiver pushed it back in order to rework some elements they felt were lacking. While the setback was disappointing, Developers making changes to improve their game for the enjoyment of their consumers is always a good thing. Lucius is now scheduled for an October 2012 release. Just in time for Halloween.