Lost Planet 3 Goes into E.D.N. II’s Past

An icy world filled with monsters just waiting to chew your face off sounds like the perfect place to work right? For the mech suit wearing people of E.D.N. II, it’s just another day at work. Taking place before the two previous games, Lost Planet 3 offers player’s a look at more of the frozen world than before. The game’s protagonist, Jim, searches the icy wastes for pockets of thermal energy, which he can trade in for new weapons and upgrades for his old ones.However, the longer Jim spends gathering thermal energy, the greater chance it has of attracting the Akrids, bug-like creatures that want the warmth to keep their species numbers growing. There are also some other creatures roaming around waiting to make Jim into their latest meal.

Lost Planet 3 is actually a prequel game, which may confuse some people, given that it’s got a 3 in the name. While the story may be based on the game’s past, the gameplay isn’t. Mech’s have grown bigger and gotten some weapons in the form of a grappling claw and a drill should be able to chew through the nasty denizens of the planet. Jim’s also got a relic of the past in the form of an old rifle handed down in his family for generations.

Monsters aren’t the only danger here. While Jim might not freeze and die, his mech is vulnerable to the cold. Ice builds up on the outside, and eventually halts all movement, forcing him to get out and shoot the ice of off his machine. Another link to the past are the audio logs of the contractor who had the job before Jim, who is now missing. In these, you’ll learn what happened to your predecessor and more about the planet as well.

Lost Planet as a series has not enjoyed a massive amount of success compared to others like it. Perhaps this game can turn that around. The game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.