Lifeless Planet: 20 Light Years from Earth, the Soviets are Winning the Space Race

Imagine you’re an astronaut sent to explore an earth-like world for possible colonization. Imagine your surprise and horror when finally arrive at your destination and find it to be a wasteland.  Things just get worse from there. The rest of your crew is missing, and you have a leak in your oxygen tank. Setting out to find the crew, he stumbles upon proof that someone’s been here before them:  An abandoned Soviet installation. Now you’ve got two mysteries to solve. But the complications don’t end there. A mysterious woman with green glowing eyes and luminous footprints comes along and helps him, but is she really an ally?

Funded through a tremendously successful Kickstarter (over 200% funded) Lifeless Planet Creator David Board and Stage 2 Studios aim to put the Adventure back into Action-Adventure games.

There’s a lot of jumping and running involved in exploring the planet, but you do have some help. The first is a robotic arm that helps you lift things and manipulate objects to solve puzzles. Activating the claw puts you into a first person Point of View to make working on the puzzle easier. There’s also something Board calls “Claw-Cam,” which can be used to get a closer view of objects you interact with. The other item is a jet pack, which helps you move around the planet.

Stage 2 Studios entered into an agreement with Lace Mamba Global for worldwide retail and digital distribution. Lifeless Planet will be released first for PC and Mac, targeted for the end of 2012. Other platforms may follow.