Sacrilegium: Move Over Zombies, Vampires Want a Turn at Survival Horror

Alex is a 20-year old Californian who likes to keep in shape with martial arts and combat training. When adventure calls, she jumps at the chance and winds up in the province of Sacrilegium, where she finds herself harrowed by creatures strange and dangerous, including the Moroi, powerful monsters “who eat vampires for breakfast.” Which is kind of funny, considering that Moroi is a kind of Romanian vampire, sometimes the offspring of a mating of another Romanian vampire type, called Strigoi.

Reality Pump, the in-house studio of Topware Interactive, is looking to re-invigorate the Survival Horror genre in terms of gameplay, atmosphere, and level design. One of the ways they plan on doing this is with the GRACE 2 engine, a refinement of the GRACE engine used in such games as Two Worlds 2.

Miroslaw Dymek, CEO of Reality Pump Studios said “It pleased us that we succeeded to develop the GRACE 2 engine in a way, that enables us to present models and landscapes that make photos look like charcoal drawings compared to the game.” They’re also hoping to shatter the “clichés and tired stereotypes filling the genre.” These all sound like great things, assuming they can actually pull them off.

Reality Pump has other features they hope to amaze gamers with, such as ultra realistic motion capture and cinematic fight scenes acted out by stage professionals and martial arts experts and directed by film industry virtuosos. Each enemy in the game will have their own unique animations that are “more realistic than ever seen before.”

Alex won’t just be fighting enemies with her martial arts skills and a large array of weapons; she’ll also need to solve “Quick Time Events” that rely on skill and speed to overcome. There’s also an event called the “Chopper Chase,” where she “rides a stolen police motorbike through the old continent like a futuristic Road Warrior.”

Sacrilegium is going to be available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with no release date given as of yet.