Leviathyn Discussion: What’s Your Favorite Game Series?

This has really been a great E3.  In addition to some great-looking new IPs, we’ve seen an absolute landslide of great looking iterations of some of our favorite series.  New installments of Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Super Mario Bros., God of War, Castlevania, Gears of War, Rayman, and Devil May Cry, just to name a few, were up and looking (generally) great.  Add in some of the long-running games that we didn’t see at E3, most notably GTA V, and the future is looking good for our favorite characters.

So our question to you is this:  What is your favorite long-running game series?  Are you still a fan of the aforementioned titles, are do you keep seemingly forgotten series like Mega Man and Metroid in that special place in your heart?

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  1. Ron Hoffecker

    I’ve still yet to meet my match in knowledge of Mega Man. The Blue Bomber will always be my favorite gaming series at heart. However, favorite series to play would be Metal Gear Solid. No other series tug at me as strongly as MGS did.

    I’m also fond of Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Diablo, and the WarCraft series.

    I get suckered into superhero games and Resident Evil. I almost always buy superhero games no matter what I hear about them. I’m a comic buff so it just sort of happens. Sometimes I find some hidden gems like Wolverine Origins. Resident Evil is a series I was really into years ago. I was huge on Capcom and everything they did. I still play Resident Evil games (the main series only) because of the draw I used to have for it.

  2. Cassidee

    I blame the Mass Effect series for making me into a hardcore gamer. I’ve never been as hooked on a game’s story before playing that.
    Aside from that, I’m a big Tomb Raider fan (in case you couldn’t tell) and could not be more excited for the reboot. Halo is cool, I really enjoy good Star Wars games (I think I’m one of five people who really liked the force unleashed), and the Fallout/Elder Scrolls RPGs will always have a special place in my heart.

  3. redlobster2086

    The Total War series. I’m a huge RTS fanboy, and love how these games are kind of a mix of both the Civilization economy management, and the actual down and dirty troop formations and ground tactics.

    I would have to say that the most recent Shogun 2 and expansion games are my favorite in the series so far, but Rome: Total War I associate the best memories with. It’s the only game I’ve ever been happy to lose. Eventually my empire got so huge that I just couldn’t keep order anymore, and it collapsed… which is basically what happened.

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