5 Video Game Worlds I Wish Were Real

Video games are always creating fascinating worlds for our characters. But sometimes we all wish that those worlds were more like our own. This isn’t a list of the best or most creative video game worlds. Lots of video game’s are filled with unwanted hardship, pain, and suffering to push the story or give the game a certain feel. Sure the Fallout world is cool, but I’d rather live in our world where we don’t have to break open old pop machines for bottle caps and fight off radiation. This is for the fun worlds, the worlds where we could happily live our daily life.  These are the 5 worlds I wish our own world was more like.


Every child that grew up while Pokemon was becoming cool wished this was our world. It’s not just battling real life Pokemon that would be cool either. I would have been able to travel the world at the age of 12 with the protection of my loyal companions. Running out into wild terrain, finding, and catching Pokemon would be a casual Sunday activity. You get pets with awesome powers that are more intelligent than any dog or cat could be. And Pokemon would make daily life easier. Why would I need a car if I can just ride my Charizard to work and back? I wouldn’t even have to worry about parking because he’d fit in his comfortable Poke ball.

The Sims

Sure, the Sims world would be a lot like ours at first glance. But look more closely and there would be great differences. If our world was like the Sims then I could go from dishwasher to executive celebrity chef in less than a month. I could work out on a treadmill for 8 hours and just take a shower and a cup of coffee to feel better. Besides easily owning a house, writing novels, making pieces of art, observing aliens, pro creating with strangers in hot tubs at my favorite public swimming pool, opening the fridge to find any dish I know how to make, meeting ghosts, and taking extra-long vacations at virtually no expensive,  I could still make it home in time to cash in my aspiration points for a cool gadget or two. Who wouldn’t want to live in this world?

Mass Effect

Mass Effect’s super detailed world would be a great universe to live in. Exciting new species and planets have been created in a huge number of video games. What sets Mass Effect apart for me is the Mass Relays. An intergalactic community would be cool, but an average Joe like me would probably not get to travel the solar systems in a realm like Star Wars. That kind of traveling would be for important and rich people. In Mass Effect you’d actually get the opportunity to quickly travel anywhere in the galaxy easily, and probably cheaply, too. Add to that the equipment and technology we’d gain, and there’s no denying that this is a video game world I wish real life was like.


Sure Skyrim is cool, but the always snowy and cold environment would get old for me. Instead, I’d replace our world with Cyrodiil. Unlike Skyrim or Morrowind, Oblivion is a much more developed country. Here you could live in peace away from the bandits and wild animals lurking outside of the city gates. The comfortable inns in Bruma and the beautiful scenery of Cheydinhal would only be surpassed by the comfort and entertainment of the Imperial city. Filled with shops, gardens, and guild halls a day off from work would be a great time to catch a fight at the arena or get a drink at the All Saints in and stumble home to my shack on the water front. The best part would be living in one of the most beautiful lands ever made. Until the Oblivion Gates opened, I wish real life was more like Cyrodiil.

Red Dead Redemption

I wouldn’t mind the simple life the Old West offered, but there would be many unwanted aspects, too. Lack of communication with the outside world, droughts, disease, and lack of liquor could all be major problems. But unlike the real thing, Red Dead Redemption’s world solves all of those problems for me. Hanging out in the saloon with my buddies would only happen after I went down to Mexico for tequila and ladies. Working a manual labor job in the West would suck, but luckily if life was like Red Dead Redemption I could make enough money hunting and playing horseshoes to get by. The best part, the consequences of my actions would be nonexistent. If I punch the sheriff in a drunken rage all I have to do is outrun him on my horse and he’ll forget the whole thing.

Can you think of any worlds that I missed? Or have a world that you wish ours was more like? Let me know with a comment below!

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