The Last of Us – E3 Trailer afterthoughts

Sony closed strong at E3 with a look at their new upcoming IP, The Last of Us. When I first heard about this title a while back I was quick to brush it off as another survival horror game in the vein of Silent Hill or Resident Evil. After watching this trailer, I can not be more sorry I have not been following every little detail from day one of it’s announcement back in 2011.

The trailer begins with the main playable character Joel, a middle aged man and his companion Ellie, a 14 year old girl controlled by the game’s AI escaping some sort of danger that was not shown in the video. They begin exploring the ruins of a contemporary cityscape that is littered with overgrowth, and it looks beautiful! The abundance of plant life growing on the dilapidated buildings gives a look at what our world might look like once we’re gone, leaving one’s imagination running wild with the possibility of the environments the game will face you with. The pair come across what seems to be a ruined hotel which is visually stunning considering it looks like it was bombed, flooded then turned into a gardening community. After a bit of exploration inside the hotel, the pair come across a couple of enemy characters.

Joel and Ellie assume danger and act quickly without waiting for provocation. I immediately wondered if there is a chance these people would not have acted aggresively had they not been under attack by Joel and Ellie, but upon further research found that this is not the case. The combat looks like it will play out as a very cinematic feeling third person shooter which includes stealth action. It also seems as though things like ammo may be hard to come across as Joel was quick to run out of bullets. There was however an interesting twist when thing’s got heated.

At one point the main character is knocked down and Ellie throws a brick which she picked up earlier at the enemies head, giving Joel a chance to get up, this was very engaging to watch and it will be interesting to see more footage and read upcoming details on how the companion AI will help in different situations.

I for one can not wait until this game gets here, and I have not said that based off of a trailer since the new generation of consoles were announced years ago. This game went from being completely off my radar to one of my main focuses after E3 this year and that is no small feat considering this was only a few minutes of gameplay. The fresh scenery, unique relationship between the main character and his companion and cinematic gameplay all do enough to leave me with nothing but desire for more. Be sure to check out the E3 trailer for The last of Us and keep posted for more details as they emmerge.


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