Sony @ E3 2012 – Highlights

This year was for the most part a great year at E3 for Sony. They announced new products such as the Wonder Book and finally addressed the question that has been burning the minds of Vita owners since launch, “When will I be able to play my PS1 Classics?”. Sony also took time out of their presentation to send out some love to their fans for sticking with them over the years, especially through the rocky patches such as when the Playstation Networked was hacked and down for months.

Sony showed a variety of new games, most notable of which were The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls. Both games look very promising when it comes to setting themselves apart from the standardised gaming experience, while keeping all of the aspects that make it fun in the first place. The Last of Us looks to have a fresh and eerie take on a realistic post apocolyptic setting, while Beyond Two Souls includes the voice talent of actress Ellen Paige and what looks to be a dark and involving storyline.

A new product was also revealed, the Wonder Book. Wonder Book is an interactive story telling device that I bet my parents wish they had when they were trying to get me to read as a child. It utilises the Playstation Eye, Move controller, and books that contain pages that are what look like the agumented reality cards that come with the Playstaton Vita. The demonstration showed a book including stories by renowned author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling. The player will have the book on their lap or table and hold the Playstation Move controller. As the player was turning the pages in the E3 demonstration, animated scenes popped out from the book and the move controller was replaced on screen by a magic wand, enabling the player to interact with the book.

There did seem to be a bit of trouble at one point when the player in the demonstration tried opening a door on one of the book’s pages with the wand. When the player finally did manage to get the door open, they received the praise they deserved from the audience in the form of a loud applause. The possibilities for this are exciting and I can’t wait to see what Sony will do with this in the future for a more mature audience.

Another one of the more exciting reveals of Sony’s conference this year was the way in which the Vita will in the future be implemented as an enhanced controller for the PS3. This is an interesting move on Sony’s part as it seems it will resemble the functionality of Nintendo’s new WiiU controller. It will be exciting to see what sony will do with this and if it will have any affect on sales of Nintendo’s new console.

With all the new technology and games Sony brought to the table at E3 this year, it looks like it is going to be an exciting path forward for them. With games like The Last of Us and new innovative ideas like the Wonder Book, using the Vita as an enhanced controller, one can’t help but get excited about the things to come from Sony.

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