Mod Nation Racers Road Trip

What to say about Mod Nation Racers for the Vita. Being as the game has two superior versions released prior to it, that doesn’t leave much. Mod Nation Racers for the Playstation Vita is an almost identicle version of it’s predicessors for Playstation 3 and PSP with one notable difference, the complete abscenece of online play.

The graphics in Mod Nation Racers for the vita are somewhere inbetween the PS3 version and the PSP version. The resolution is obivously alot higher than that of the PSP version, but there seems to be a large amount of graphic pop-up in this game. Trees, buildings, basically anything off the track can be seen popping into view up ahead in the distance. This does not make much sense considering there have been much nicer looking titles on the Vita that do not suffer from such a problem.

The sound in this game is nothing to write home about either. The same repetitive music is used in the menu screens and the sound effects for the most part seem to be the same as in the prior versions of the game, there may have been added background tracks during the races but if there were they were not notable and did not in any way stand apart from the music in the earlier releases of the Mod Nation Racers franchise.

The controls work well on the Vita. The thumbstick feels much nicer to steer with than the PSP’s and the game does a pretty good job at recreating the feel of driving you got from the PS3 version. The game also preserves some problems from the PS3 version such as load times. The load times for this game are absolutely unacceptable for this day and age, especially for a game that does not shine in the graphical department or track length. There are some new control methods slapped on for good measure such as tilting the Vita to steer which doesn’t seem to work as well as the thumb stick, and rear touch controls for using weapons, which makes absolutely no sense. All things considered, the added controls seem tacked on as a gimmick to try and differ the game from its previous versions leading it to end up unsuccessful in it’s attempt.

If you have never played Mod Nation Racers for the PS3 or PSP, and do not own either of said platforms this game is worth a buy if you are looking for a good Mario Kart substitute. If however you own a PS3 or PSP it does not make any sense to buy this version as it adds little with it’s after thought motion and touchscreen controls and has no online mode.

Joel reviews Mod Nation Racers Road Trip.

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Basically the same game as it's predicessors

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  1. Duke Ellington

    Is it me or is taking online multiplayer out of Mod Nation Racers like baking a pizza without using sauce, dough, and cheese?!

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