Death Has Been Hitting The Gym, Ya’ll

Every night before I go to sleep I have a friendly conversation with Death and politely ask him not to come in the night, not to gently touch my shoulder, and not to take me to hell before my hands are worthless and I can no longer game. Now, however, thanks to the preview from Darksiders 2, I think I will ask death not to put me in a headlock and power bomb my weak ass to hell where he will most likely berate me over undefined triceps and weak glutes.

We all commonly portray death as the frail skeleton beneath a menacing black Jedi-ish robe, but that perception has been shattered. Who would have thought all along that Death was a hunky, yoked, Misfits-looking, agile badass?

All jokes aside, I do enjoy this comic-bookesque approach to the Reaper. It fits very well with the Darksiders motif and has suckered me in to wanting to play the upcoming sequel. I enjoyed the first Darksiders to an extent; when the repetition of the game beat me into submission I kind of tossed it aside. But, the epic, metal, badass, giant-slaying Death that is to be the main character in the sequel has drawn me back in. I have time until the game comes out (hopefully no more time seeing as how the game has been delayed more than once) so I have some preparation to do:

1) Be nice to Death before bed and possibly leave out some cookies, or a protein shake.

2) Hit the gym. I would hate for my fate to be determined by an arm wrestling bout.

3) Continue to watch the Darksiders 2 trailer and hope that the gameplay is as epic as the video makes it seem.

So, do more muscles make the character more attractive to play? Would anyone be interested in playing a game of a more “modern” death where you politely walk in to retirement homes and escort the elderly to their final resting place?