Watch_Dogs E3 Trailer Breakdown

Of all the games announced at E3 2012, Watch_Dogs has arguably caused the biggest stir. Coming out of nowhere, the new IP’s announcement did not fail to impress, and gave Ubisoft a big popularity bump this year. Here are our thoughts on the new game’s trailer:


“You are no longer an individual. You are a data cluster bound to a vast global network.”

Of the metric ton of information in this trailer, this line is the one that reached out and smacked me across the face. It goes directly against what I’ve always been taught; i am a unique individual here, and no one can ever take that away from me.


Not according to Watch_Dogs.

Looking like an even mix 1 part Deus Ex, 1 part Syndicate, Watch_Dogs is an intriguing new IP debuted by Ubisoft. It deals heavily with computers, seemingly reducing humans to computer generated beings in this hacker thriller. What could it possibly mean to no longer be an individual, but a “data cluster?” This type of de-humanization will be a fascinating convention to watch as we learn more about the game and what it could possibly entail.


At first, I’m watching that intro to the demo and I’m thinking, this sounds like a sick movie. Then the gameplay started and I still said, this looks like a sick movie. The game looks really amazing. I need to upgrade my PC to be able to run it like that. I really enjoy the feeling that I control everything around me that is tech. Being able to look through cameras, where what people are saying, and stop everything tech near me. It makes you feel like a god, almost. The combat looks very cool. It’s almost like a refined Grand Theft Auto IV. Aidan Piece is a cool character. I can’t wait to hear more about Watch_Dogs and even play it. Best of E3 for me.


Watch_Dogs looks great because of its freedom. Players appear to be able to do what ever the hell they want to. What I really want to know is what would have happened, how would the demo have played out, if the player had stayed in the exhibition to deal with the guards and his target? Watch_Dogs has the potential to be groundbreaking on so many levels. The end of the trailer showed another player watching the main character with a gamertag over his head. Does this mean that this game is going to be a type of massive multiplayer title? As he ran off at the end there were other players “reporting” in and the screen zoomed out to show 5 or 6 more.

Regardless of whether it is massive or server based like grand theft auto, Watch_Dogs looks like it is going to allow players to interact full time with other players to get their objectives done. Kinda sounds like a badass version of Journey. The ability to interact with the technology around you looks to be pretty complex as well. whether its gathering dirt on those around you or hacking traffic lights, the possibilities seem endless, making no mission or job (however you want to say it) linear. I cant wait to see how this title transfers to console. Im sure a little integrity will be lost but its Ubisoft and I have faith that they will bring a dynamite product regardless.



Being in that room, everyone was watching the trailer and wondering “what the hell is this?” Hacking communication devices? Having information about EVERYONE in the room? It was fascinating.


Then the combat started, after our man turned off all of the street lights, and the entire crowd was hooked. Bring on Watch_Dogs. I’m in.