To the Rats!: Dishonored’s Best Weapon

While we continue to learn more and more about Dishonored I can’t help but find myself enraptured in the simple gameplay function of summoning plague infested rats to run down your enemies. Isn’t this what we have all dreamed about since we were little boys? Haven’t we all seen rats in the streets or in our backyards and whisper for it’s obedience in the dark?


Well, when Dishonored is released on October 9th I will happily proclaim myself “Ratman” and laugh my ass off at the computer generated fear I evoke in my video game enemies. If this sounds a little dark, then I am accomplishing my goal! Dishonored is going to be exactly that from what we can see: dark. I hope that we all embrace this evil we are given access to when playing this game. I have an obscene amount of excitement built up for some rodent carnage and it all narrows down to a simple screen shot in which you see a hand pointing and rats going in the pointed direction. Harmony doesn’t exactly summarize the image as well as I would like it to.

I am embellishing upon my excitement for attack-rats because I believe this is exactly how games are supposed to make you feel. We are all supposed to feel giddy at the opportunity to embrace our evil side, our corrupt side, our sadistic side. This is why we avoid the story lines in games like Grand Theft Auto and instead choose to kill innocent people and see how much havoc we can cause before our characters die. This is why we play games like Mortal Kombat and endlessly hope we get to execute a Fatality. And this is why, Gamer God’s willing, I cannot wait to spend hours watching a plague of rats overrun a poor man who had no chance against the sharp teeth and tiny claws.

So, whats your favorite sadistic past time in the gamer world? Do you dare share it with us?