To Pre-Order or not to Pre-Order

Now that we have all spent the last few days frantically clicking and viewing live streams and video game previews that have taken our focus away from the types of videos we usually spend our days and nights watching online, we can focus on the next pivotal step after the conclusion of E3.  Now, it is time for us to decide which games are necessary to pre-order right away, which games we should wait to see what retailer has the best exclusives, and which games we will buy if they receive good reviews.

This situation is by far one of the most perplexing moments I face. Much like when attempting to pick a desert from a cart full of sugary delicacies, I am often trapped inside a retail store staring at the display of pre-order tags all marked at $5 and casually tempting me with their exclusive goodies. I am fully aware that most of the games I am excited about are not likely to sell out upon their release date, and I also know that there have only been a few games whose pre-order exclusives were actually worth the down payment, but my addiction to pre-ordering goes deeper than that.

There is a moment, especially during E3 announcements, that a gamer is given the prime opportunity to show their devotion to video games. A pre-order is essentially like buying gamer stock; the more pre-order copies sold the more likely the game will be an immediate success. When pre-orders are flying off the shelves a state of panic also emerges for those that begin to think the game may actually sell out and they would be forced to wait an extra few days to delve into a new adventure while their neighbor is already screaming expletives at their television due to their inability to learn new controls of their brand spanking new game.

I enjoy pre-orders mostly because they appeal to my possessive side. There is no guarantee for many things in life that if you put initial effort forward in the beginning you will be guaranteed happiness in the long run. I can’t tell any single person that going all out on a first date will lead to a life of bliss. I can’t tell my best friend that putting a down payment on a house will guarantee that in 30 years he will have successfully shown financial prowess. But, I can guarantee myself if I pre-order Assassins Creed 3, then I will have a copy upon the release date and will be gutting red-coats and screaming joyously until my neighbor  builds up the courage to come ask if he can watch me play because all the copies of the game have sold out.

Although the world of pre-ordering is not as complex as I paint it to be, that doesn’t mean that some of us have to be ashamed that we see it this way. Right now, for many of us, we have decisions to make and retail stores to visit. We have websites to browse and exclusive to compare and contrast. We are in the midst of our business research in a field we so love to study.

So what have you found? What will you pre-order as soon as you’re done reading this? What exclusives are worth trampling over middle-school kids to get to first?

Who among you thinks they have made the perfect down payment on the perfect game?

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  1. Rich

    Pre-ordering just lines the pockets of the store. you plop down 5 bucks along with 100,000 other people around the country for a game that’s not due out for 5 months and your giving them interest on $500,000 – now imagine 200,000 pre-order around the country – that’s ** 1 million ** dollars game stop now has in the bank for those 5 months gaining interest.

    I would rather order from Amazon, get same day delivery and most of the titles I order come with a $10 coupon towards my next purchase. I went almost 8 months of only paying 49.99 a game based on the games I pre-ordered (without giving them interest as they dont charge your credit card until it ships) – MUCH better deal.

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