Nintendo’s Conference Made Me A Wii U Buyer, The News After Made Me A Doubter

So many people are knocking Nintendo for their conference. They have their reasons. A lot of people expected launch details on Tuesday. Well, for a console coming out later this year, you would think we’d get at least something at the biggest event in gaming all year. Thing is, Nintendo told me everything I needed to hear during their Sunday Pre-E3 event and Tuesday’s conference. I now know that I can have more than one Gamepad per console. I know that the controller has some sweet features including a Twitter and Skype replacement for Nintendo gamers. The Wii U is looking to finally bring Nintendo’s online experience full circle. The new console has some awesome 3rd party titles coming like Assassin’s Creed 3, Zombi U, and maybe even Watch_Dogs. The HD graphics make even Nintendo’s signature games looks brilliant. What’s to hate? How could I not be excited for the Wii U?

Well, then the conference ended and the show floor opened up. The news began to trickle in and websites were updated. If you’ve followed Leviathyn over the past couple of days then you saw the following posts:

That’s a lot of iffy news almost directly after a conference. Obviously Nintendo isn’t going to announce bad things during a big event. They’ll let the news trickle out afterwards and let it take its course and die out. Well, the news trickled out pretty quickly. All of that information was either confirmed by Nintendo employees over Twitter, spokespeople on the show floor, or on the official website. I was all ready to plop down some money and get ready to save up and have my Wii U on launch day, whenever that is. I had, in my mind, the games I wanted. Now I’m not even sure if I want the console or not.

It seems that most games on the Wii U will be 720p. We couldn’t even get a confirmation that an upscale program would be available inside of the Wii U. The small battery inside of the Gamepad brings back memories of the first PSP. Except now this problem is now on a home console. Sometimes when a big game comes out, people get so excited and go on long playing sessions. How is 3-5 hours going to work? Will the AC charging cord get in the way since we sometimes have to move the Gamepad a lot? How about Zombi U? You see plenty of shaking and pulling in that trailer. I’m afraid that if I am playing that, I may pull the cord out and mess up my charging port.

Then we have the framerate drop when you add a second Gamepad in the mix. This almost completely takes out any wanting to use another one. One of the biggest selling points for me is now one of the biggest flaws. I originally told people that I would only buy the Wii U if I could have 2-4 Gamepads on my console. How fair is it going to look if in my group of friends I’m the only one with the new, fancy tablet controller? Nintendo announced a second and I get excited. To be honest, I’d rather have a smoother experience then have a friend use a tablet next to me. So that’s out.

Now I’m back to stage one and questioning a purchase.

Nintendo’s slogan for the Wii U is “together better”. How can that be when different experiences may segregate gamers? What if I’m playing a co-op game and I have a friend joining me locally in my house and another joining me through the internet. My local friend and I will be playing in 30fps while the other enjoys 60fps. That is going to effect gameplay. His reactions will be faster and more precise then ours. So if I’m more inclined to have friends over and play co-op both locally and over Wi-Fi, I’m going to be hindered because of it? Am I to tell my friends, “sorry you can’t play Wii U with me. I need to be at least as good as the guy over the internet”?

While, at first, I was content with the Nintendo conference. I am beginning to wish they divulged this information and went on about how they are working towards bettering the situation. Perhaps not at launch, but it won’t always be this way. This kind of information is vital to people who think spending over $200 on something requires the utmost amount of research and information. Sure, we’re gamers but we have to know what we’re getting into. Not all of us are kids who want the latest thing just for the sake of it. We aren’t just going to bite into something.

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