Crysis 3 Trailer Breakdown

The Prophet is back, in all his gun-toting, nanosuit glory! EA gave us both a trailer and gameplay footage this week at their press conference for upcoming sequel Crysis 3. The third installment in the standout Crysis series, the game takes place after the events of Crysis 2, when New York suddenly becomes a literal urban jungle after being enclosed within an environment-altering dome. Trapped inside with a crossbow and a taste for destruction, the mysterious Prophet sets off to stop both alien and the forces of the corrupt Cell Corporation in the only way he knows how…pumping them full of ammo.

What were our thoughts on the official trailer?


It looks like Crysis is trying to go Call of Duty, Treyarch style. They are doing such over-the-top stuff that it just seems ridiculous now. Crysis 1 was all about this elite covert unit dealing with a nasty situation. Now it’s all about “what can we do this time around that will look like a Michael Bay movie?”

Crysis has taken a route that is far away from what Crytek did with the first game. It has no soul anymore. It’s just a shooter with big explosions. Also, how is showing you the different paths any fun at all? If you’re going to allow different ways to complete a mission, let the player figure it out. I want to go on a forum and see people asking “how can I beat mission 4 in Crysis 3? I keep dying,” and see someone say, “you can’t just rush in, trying looking for a different way in.” It’s all about the exploration of the map at that point. This just says, “well you got a line on your map that goes right, check that out.” Takes the fun out of it.


Crysis always looked like a combination of Halo and Call of Duty to me. And while my friends have told me that’s not the case, it’s this trailer that has made me change my mind. It looks like this game is going to add some really cool elements that other first person shooters lack. The multiple paths to objectives, and the vehicles that were shown look like they’ll make Crysis 3 have its own niche of first person shooter fans. The forest environment and that bow specifically look awesome. Even though Gears of War added a bow this one looks ten times cooler. If the combat looks as good in-game as it does in the trailer then the Halo and Call of Duty series have some major competition.


The first thing that strikes me about Crysis 3 is the grandeur of the set pieces. Things are blowing up around him, the pace feels frantic, and you get an overall sense of danger mixed with adrenaline rush. That being said, this is almost injecting the Crysis series with crack, making it feel on the edge of being too frantic to be a true Crysis game. My biggest fear here is that the game has been dramatically altered to the point that it has become just another run-of-the-mill shooter in an already very crowded FPS market. I’m staying hopeful that it sticks to a majority of the conventions that have made the other Crysis games so great.

It looks like we can expect to see the same sort of mechanics from the first two; armor modes, weapons, exploration, and the Cry Engine 3 shows its prowess by displaying the same incredible graphical fidelity that has made the Crysis series legendary in the visuals department. There’s no denying that a fine eye for detail has been applied here; the environments are well-constructed and laid out, the world has a living,breathing feel to it, and even the HUD looks like it’s gotten a bit of an update.

Add on to that branching objective paths, stealth, heavy armor, an overall epic feel, and a litany of gameplay options and variation, and you can count this observer in come February 2013.