An Angry Man to Angry Birds.

Upon reading that there is the most likely chance of Angry Birds being released on HD consoles I had to vent my opinion. Dare I say there is no need to have Angry Birds on any gaming console? I find these types of games to only serve the purpose of filling time voids we have while out of the house and bored and incapable of entertaining ourselves through any other means. When we take a game like this one and put them on to our HD consoles I don’t see this as a favor to the gamers, but an even further spreading pursuit of money. We can all agree that the Angry Birds franchise has made more money than it deserved or anyone expected it to make. My immediate concern would be whether or not Angry Birds will be free to play on the consoles or if we would have to drop some money for the game, and if so, are we talking $.99 or the more common price point of DLC games ranging between $9.99 and $14.99?

I personally would find it insulting if the price of this particular game was anything more than it would cost on a cell phone.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Anybody have an opinion that Angry Birds is a must on HD consoles?