The Elder Scrolls Online Will Fail

More information was released on the Elder Scrolls Online this week at E3. But sadly, it wasn’t up to the hopes and dreams of so many Elder Scrolls fans. The game, at first glance, looks like any other generic MMORPG. And the more we learn about the game, the worse it seems to get.

Game Director Paul Sage said in an interview “Every Elder Scrolls game has looked different, and we are no different than that.” But the reason each game looks different is because they are taking place in different places throughout Tamriel. This is not an excuse for the progression of graphics from the single player Elder Scrolls to the multiplayer. I compiled screenshots from the previous Elder Scrolls titles, and then the new online one:




Now where the hell did this come from? The Elder Scrolls Online


There is an obvious progression in graphics that has been broken by the Elder Scrolls Online. I understand that there has to be a graphics cut in order to make the game operational from every player’s computer at once. But still, they could have used a simpler graphics engine and retain the original style and feel of the Elder Scrolls series. Instead, they’ve completely ignored the previous game’s image.

The Game Director also said that the freelance feel is what will set this game apart. Players can progress through the levels without searching for quests, like they can in the single player Elder Scrolls games. Quests will be thrust upon them. But nowadays how is this any different than other MMORPGs? Is Paul Sage trying to say that you have to follow a storyline in Guild Wars 2? Because after interviews with Anet from a year and a half ago I can assure him that they are striving for the same thing.

If what sets this game apart are the graphics and freelance feel then this game will fail. Hardcore fans like me are disgusted by the presentation, and I’m sure many of them won’t get the game. If this is supposed to appeal to MMORPG players then I can’t see it doing very well either. Better looking and better made games like Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic are coming out more often than ever.

The only saving grace for this game is the fact that it takes place in Tamriel. But a setting that people are fans of can turn into a negative aspect if too much is changed. ZeniMax should have tried to morph the MMORPG style to the world of Tamriel. Instead, they morphed Tamriel into an MMO. When it comes down to it, Bethesda isn’t making the online version of the Elder Scrolls. And once fans are addicted to the feel of a Bethesda game there is just no going back. ZeniMax made no effort to keep the original feel of the game, and because of it they will fail.