Square-Enix Shows Off The Future of Final Fantasy

At E3 today, Square-Enix showed off a tech demo for their new studio engine called Luminous. In the tech demo we watch a group of magic wielding, cloak wearing people begin a ritual. This gets interrupted by a bunch of gun totting amateurs who have terrible aim. We really get a glimpse of what we can expect from Final Fantasy going forward here. It’s an evolution of what we’ve seen from Final Fantasy I to XIII. The world is still torn between science and magic but now it is much more realistic in terms of the conflict between it, the people involved, emotion, and how magic is handled. What we get is something that reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 4, Half-Life 2, and Crisis Core all mixed together in a glorious non-gameplay demo of what Square-Enix is calling Agni’s Philosophy.

Surprisingly, this new engine is being put together to work on consoles, PC, browser, and even smartphones. Square-Enix said that they will be looking to bring this engine to current consoles, the Vita, Wii U, and any newer consoles that support programmable shaders. They may even bring some sort of lite version tot he 3DS but they have not started on nor even green-lighted that.

Below is the tech demo video released. Any one else hoping this becomes Final Fantasy XV?

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