Major League Baseball 2K is Dead, Long Live The Show

Kotaku talked to Andrew Wilson, VP of EA Sports, and thanks to that we learned that MVP Baseball will not be making a comeback as of right now. Thanks to the huge, yes huge, announcement of UFC being taken over by EA there just isn’t enough focus right now to take on another big license. 2K has decided not to renew its license with the MLB to produce more baseball games. Their 2K series of American’s past time has consistently reported losses of over 30 million.

MLB 2K has had a very difficulty time keeping up with Sony’s own baseball game, The Show ever since its revitalization back in 2008. It hasn’t recovered. It looks like only the PS3 and Vita will be receiving baseball next year. Will hardcore baseball gamers be alright with this until someone picks up the multiplatform license or will they switch over to get their fix? It remains to be seen. I just hope to see more Phillies on the cover.

Don’t you even dare tell me about the division standings right now.