How Lego is Becoming a Serious Series with Lego: Lord of the Rings

The Lego video game serious has always been known for taking classic worlds and transforming them into lighthearted and simple games. Settings like Star Wars and Arkham City from Batman have been converted into simple Lego worlds. But with the announcement of Lego: Lord of the Rings last week and more information released at E3 we’re beginning to see that Lego is morphing into a respectable and more serious series. Here are the big changes we’re seeing so far.

Instead of picking a level to play from a dropdown menu Lego is using a more immersive gaming style by having players travel through the campaign. You start in Hobbiton, and work your way down to Morodor, just like in the movies. This is huge change in the Lego series, and is going to make the game play more like a classic action game.

The game allows you to control the entire fellowship at once. Having 9 playable characters on the screen at once gives the game a much more intense and full feel. Even though you’re only controlling one of the nine characters at a time the other eight are being controlled by a bot. But the bot on bot combat that’s always going on around the screen makes Lego: Lord of the Rings look like an actual Lego battle instead of a couple of kids moving Lego pieces.

The characters are also all going to have independent abilities, skills, and weapons. They also all have unlockable or upgradable weapons and skills. This defiantly makes the game fall into line with more serious genres like RPGs.

But probably the biggest difference in Lego: Lord of the Rings is the dialogue. Unlike previous Lego games the characters in the game will actually talk. And the dialogue all comes straight from the movie. Developers commented that they “wanted to make the game more cinematic.” This is why we’re seeing more intense combat, detailed cut scenes, and from the movie dialogue. Developers wanted Lego: Lord of the Rings to be a playable adventure that is much closer to the movie then other Lego games have been.

They’re changing the game to make much more true to the original series. But at the same time they’ve promised to add their quirky additions to the storyline as well. It will be interesting to see if the more serious approach will work well for the Lego series. Keep your eye out for this title, as well as the new Lego Batman interview that’s airing later this E3. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re taking a more serious approach with that game as well.

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