Guild Wars 2 AMA on Reddit Shines Some Details

Nothing says awesome like developer Mike O’Brien hoping to reddit to do an AMA all about the company he works for and their project; which happens to be AreaNet and the Guild Wars 2. Below is the list of all the questions and answers given for the event.

From what we here gathered, it seems the game severs have been increased to handle the next beta session, this weekend. Some of the game areas will be held back until the game  launches. They are listening to the fans about the game play and may change the game play later on down the road. The game pet AI is mostly fixed, some bugs are still around though. spectator-mode for PvP will not be released until some time after launch, and the idea of changing it to be eSport friendly are into consideration.


Launch Questions:

  • L1. When is the release date? Is there an internal expected launch date? (doesnt hurt to ask right?)
  • L2. How many more BWE’s should we be expecting?
  • L3. Are BWE’s going to continue at a constant pace? Or will it remain as a… dynamic event?
  • L4. How frequent are we going to see xpac’s?

Development Questions:

  • D1. When are the official forums going up? We can go to them, but they aren’t structured like actual forums..
  • D2. Will we see Asura/Sylvari being playable during the BWE’s, or not until launch?
  • D3. What is the status on performance optimization? [ANSWER]
  • D4. What is the intent with game performance as it applies to multi-core processors (2, 4, 8 core etc)[ANSWER]
  • D5. Are all of the game areas (such as Gendarran Fields before this BWE) still under development, or are they just being held back until launch? [ANSWER]
  • D6. What is the mentality of the Profession-development team in regards to how quick/how important balance-related updates to professions are going to be? (Example: If support guardians are doing horrible in both PvE and PvP for over a month, will they see a fix, or continued monitoring for another few months?)
  • D7. Are there any plans to use CUDA-based optimizations in the future?
  • D8. With the addition of more servers, has the max population of individual servers been increased? Or are there simply more servers to play on?
  • D9. How often can we expect to see major content updates after launch?
  • D10. Whats going on with particle effects? Are they being fixed/updated?

Character Questions:

  • C1. Will dyes be account bound, or character bound?
  • C2. Will we see more character customization before launch? A lot of us are upset by the fact that our chars have different body styles than the NPC’s (such as the Sons of Svanir vs. player Norn bodystyles). Additionally, some people want the freedom to make older and/or fatter looking characters (which fits the role-playing element quite well).
  • C3. Will we be able to transmute our gears to look like town gears for combat use?
  • C4. Will customizing gears come at a cost, or will it be free? (This includes dyes as well as transmutations!)
  • C5. Is there any protection for a character name after being freshly deleted by a player? Or is our name up for grabs the second they are deleted?

Gameplay Questions:

  • GP1. Can we please have an option to disable skill-queueing?
  • GP2. The gameplay/mechanical changes from BWE1 to BWE2 aren’t insignificant. How much of the game is still being iterated upon based on feedback/observation?
  • GP2a. (followup to last question) Does the team consider big changes to the base game possible following launch? [ANSWER]
  • GP3. Sense of moving is a great idea, what about a sense of being connected to the ground with walking/animations? Players also experience a ‘sliding’ effect when walking. [ANSWER]
  • GP4. Are tiered traits still happening? Or was that idea scrapped?
  • GP4a. (followup to last question) What is the point of tiered traits?
  • GP5. Is first-person-view going to be available? Can we disable the camera-swing? [ANSWER]
  • GP6. What is the thought behind the mechanics of the different profressions downed abillities? Some classes get really useful abilities like interrupts and stealth, others get long-cooldown abilities that won’t save them.[ANSWER]
  • GP7. Will chat channels be customizable?
  • GP8. Are utility slot unlocks linked to utility skill-tier unlocks? Or are they still bound by level?
  • GP9. Will there be linked-dynamic events that aid in the completion of a larger/tougher dynamic event? (Example: I saved this warrior and his family from a pack of ogre children. Will he come and help me fight the rampaging ogre daddy that comes to take revenge?)
  • GP10. What is the status on fixing Pet AI? [ANSWER]
  • GP11. Will a voice chat system be implemented in game?

Profession/Weapon Specific Questions:

  • P1. What is the status of the Engineer re-work? What kind of changes are being made? [ANSWER]
  • P2. Is there a re-work in progress for the Mesmers? A lot of people are unsatisfied with the current AI + shatter mechanics. Additionally, there are issues taken with the class mechanic being susceptible to AoE weakness, lack of synergy between the scepter and other weapons, lack of utility/power of the illusions, amongst other things. [ANSWER]
  • P3. Will we see guns that have this style/look?
  • P4. This warrior has what appears to be a 2-handed axe. Are there any intentions on implementing 2 handed axes in the game, or will there be greatsword skins that are designed to look like axes? [ANSWER]
  • P5. How come Guardians are the only Profession that are limited in range abilities? Everyone else has true-ranged skills, but Guardians have skills that can’t go up inclines/ledges (they don’t travel through the air, but on the ground)! [ANSWER]
  • P6. Will Engi’s get more weapon options in the future? Or possibly more weapon kits? [ANSWER]
  • P7. Can we get class icon’s above the Mesmer illusions, as to help with them being actual illusions? Right now it’s easy to identify which one isn’t the real one! [ANSWER]

Guild Questions:

  • G1. Will there be guild-alliances?
  • G1a. (followup to the last question) Will there be an alliance-chat mode?
  • G2. What is the max amount of people allowed in one guild?
  • G3. What sort of checks and balances will be in place in regards to preventing one guild from dominating a server?
  • G4. Can characters be in more than one guild?
  • G4a. (followup to the last question) Can they talk to all their guilds, or only the one they are currently representing?

PVP Questions:

  • PVP1. Are there any plans on making a PvP type that can transit into an eSport? [ANSWER]
  • PVP2. It’s been previously stated that spectator-mode for PvP won’t be available until sometime after launch, any idea about an ETA when we can expect it?
  • PVP3. Can we, or are you planning on implementing – a way for players to duel each other?

Other Questions:

  • O1. Why is Amazon allowed to give full benefits for pre-orders where most everyone else had to pre-purchase to get the same benefits?
  • O2. How many pre-purchases have there been so far?
  • O3. When can we expect to be able to buy the GW2 soundtrack (without buying the collectors edition) ?
  • O4. Can we buy a blood-mode add-on? Some people want more gore that you can’t make a default/standard due to audience ratings!
  • O5. Are there any plans on implementing secondary account security, like an authenticator?
  • O6. What are the current plans for anti-cheating/botting? It’s been noted that SWTOR has been ridden with hackers and bots for months, and we don’t want the same thing to happen to GW2!
  • O7. Are there any intentions on making the Tengu a playable race in the future?
  • O8. What does the ‘Mystic Forge Stone’ gem store item do?
  • O9. Are there any plans for guild halls, player housing, player marriages and the like?
  • O10. How did you feel when you first saw this huge list of questions?
  • O11. We have faith in Arenanet to steer this game in the right direction. But just for the Hell of it, can we get a verbal agreement that the cash shop will NOT turn into a P2W (Pay-to-win) situation? We don’t want overpowered items or advantages being a purchasable thing!


  • S1. Make the party-invitation notice bigger
  • S2. Let us turn off ability queueing
  • S3. Let us use First Person Camera perspective (screenshots, videoes, and other non-combat ways of enjoying the game require this!)
  • S4. Let us make our characters look old, battle-worn, and possibly even fat.
  • S5. GUILD AIRSHIPS. A form of guild hall that can be slowly piloted to other maps.