E3 2012: Sony blames time crunch for not being able to focus on Vita

I am a Vita owner. I’m sure many of you are, as well. If that’s the case, then we most likely all let out a collective “huh?” when we realized that Sony didn’t give its Vita much love during its press conference at this year’s E3. Instead, we saw a heavy focus on debuting games for the PS3 and introducing other gaming initiatives, such as PlayStation Mobile. Why is that?

Well, Sony president Shuhei Yoshida has the answer. According to Yushida, Sony has been criticized for having conferences that drag on and on. For this year’s E3 press conference, Yoshida and Sony wanted to keep things “very compact” while also maintaining the same level of impact as with previous conferences. Even so, this “impact” Yoshida talks about was clearly lacking when Sony discusses the Vita. Only 3 games were highlighted, with only one, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, actually having something to look at. Still, PSOne classics will finally make their way to the Vita, a feature I have been waiting for ever since I got my Vita day one.