Wii U’s Framerate Drops to 30 FPS When Playing With 2 Gamepads

It seems not all was bells and whistles for Wii U information today. A couple of drawbacks were not announced at the conference but confirmed via twitter or official website. I just talked about how the Wii U’s Gamepads will only have 3-5 hours battery life and now there is another piece of news that will bum people out.

Nintendo confirmed today that we’ll be able to use two Gamepads on the Wii U. This was exciting to hear. However, Iwata confirmed on Twitter that when you bring in the second pad, gameplay will see framerate drops down to 30 FPS. Also, he mentioned that in the beginning, they will only be offering games that use one Gamepad.

This is probably because they are trying to figure out how to fix this framerate issue. One can hope. One of the major selling points for me today was the two pad confirmation. In fact, today’s conference made me a buyer on the Wii U. The news trickling out after the conference is unsettling but I can only hope that the Big N is researching ways to lessen the framerate drop.