UFC Knocks Out THQ San Diego Before Hopping Over To EA

Terrible titles aside, this is a sad thing to report on. While we learned today that future UFC games would be coming from EA Games, THQ has confirmed the bad rumors that were circulating around Twitter earlier yesterday. THQ San Diego’s employees have been laid off. The company is saying that they are attempting to find positions for these employess somewhere in THQ or even with EA to possibly work on UFC titles.

THQ has been in a lot of financial turmoil lately, which saddens me greatly. THQ is a great studio and to hear this today amidst so many great game reveals and conferences is just a blemish on E3’s first day this year. Leviathyn wishes the best for all of the employees. Hopefully THQ can place theme or EA will pick the team up. Who knows, maybe they’ll head to another studio and new horizons will open up. Best of luck to all.