Trailer Breakdown: Beyond: Two Souls

Last night at Sony’s E3 press conference, we got a look at the new upcoming title from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. Called Beyond: Two Souls, the game stars actress Ellen Page and is running on the engine displayed by the “Kara” Tech Demo earlier this year. The full details of the game are not yet known, but what are our thoughts on the trailer footage?

(Trailer language NSFW)


After teasing us with the incredibly moving tech demo Kara, Quantic Dream proves here in five minutes that they are quickly becoming the masters of capturing drama within a game through storytelling. In this trailer, we learn about the main character from a “show, don’t tell” perspective; she barely talks, but we get hints that she’s got some sort of psychic ability from the coffee mug flying across the room and the bubble she surrounds herself with when jumping off the train. We get the sense that she’s never alone from the times she speaks with a being we can’t see, she’s a bit of a badass (although what drives her to become so, we still aren’t fully aware of), and there’s obviously something big going on centered around her when the SWAT team floods the police station asking where she is.

But the amazing story bits revealed here are outdone by even more amazing visuals. Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe the high detail and fluid animation presented here. We see steam rising from a mug, sweat beading on her forehead, rain falling, and facial structures improved enough to provide us with an uncanny likeness of Ellen Page. Coupled with fantastic voice acting, the footage takes on a whole new sense of realism, looking almost on par with film.

We don’t know a lot about the gameplay yet, but with this presentation of story, visuals, and even more impressive voice acting, it’s safe to say that Beyond: Two Souls proves that this current generation is still very powerful, and this will be a standout title upon its eventual release.



I’m not a big fan of these dark kinds of action games. I’m also not a fan of Ellen Page as an actress. But after watching the Beyond: Two Souls trailer I’m sensing a change of heart. The trailer looks like Quantic Dreams is making a game that is pairing cool looking combat with a very interesting storyline. And story is something that a lot of dark and supernatural games lack.  The trailer, which didn’t have much actual game footage, got me excited for the game because it blends the story and the gameplay together into balance. If they’re using an actress as the main character then I’m sure the title will blend movie and game together, too. Also, I think Ellen Page looks better with no hair.



We didn’t get much but what we did see was stunning. I wonder how much of that was in-game and not. With games like 1313 and Watch Dogs looking that good on a PC, I have to hope that something played on a console looks that wonderful. Quantic really outdid themselves graphics-wise since Heavy Rain. I actually thought I was looking at Ellen Paige sitting in that chair. Wish I had more to go on but color me excited for more info.

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