PlayStation All Stars: New Nathan Drake and Big Daddy Gameplay Details Emerge

After being announced as two new characters for Play Station All Stars: Battle Royale at Sony’s E3 press conference last night, new details and footage of both the Big Daddy’s and Nathan Drake’s abilities and roles in the game have emerged.

Each character in the game is working toward accumulating points to unleash Super Attacks. There are three levels of super attacks, with the first costing the least amount of points and inflicting slight damage, and the third level eating up a majority of your points while doling out the biggest punch.

We got a glimpse of the Big Daddy’s level three super today when he submerged the entire arena full of combatants underwater, forcing them to float and try to swim away as he bashes them.

While it wasn’t released what Nathan’s super attacks are, we do know that he will have many abilities at his disposal, using guns, grenades, and his fists to hand out punishment to the other players.

As with any new released information on this game, the more we see, the more excited we get for it. Look for more information and playble characters to be released in the coming months leading up to its release.