Nintendoland Announced for the Wii U

Imagine all of Nintendo’s mascots in a theme park. You get Nintendoland. Reggies talked about this game a lot like Mario Tennis for the Wii, where you’ll really get a sense of what the Wii U can do because of this. So this sounds more like a tech demo then anything else.

12 “attractions” will be available in the full game with 5 being show at E3. Zelda, Animal Crossing, Takamaru, Donkey Kong and Luigi were announced.

Takamaru is like a a Duck Hunt/Whack-A-Mole type mini game that uses the Gamepad’s touch screen. This is what we can expect from Nintendoland.

Luigi’s attraction is like a Pac Man type game where the Gamepad’s screen is the only screen that can see the ghost. The players not using the Gamepad have to use their flashlight to find the ghost and damage it.

Miiverse will also be connected to Nintendoland. You can see other people going up to attractions and join them. It is just like a virtual theme park.

Nintendoland will launch aside the Wii U.