GameStop to Start Reserving Wii U Games Tomorrow, No Consoles Yet

We just got word from a source that GameStop will begin reserving games for the Wii U. You’ll be able to put some money down on all the games you saw today at E3. Aliens, Rayman Legends, Nintendoland, Lego: City, Batman, Just Dance, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Pikmin, and New Super Mario Bros. are just a few of the games that will have reserve SKUs starting tomorrow. Will you put your $5 down on any of them?

No word yet on the consoles. With the lack of any launch details given today, it’s not surprising.

Update: Here is a list of 19 games on GameStop’s website of what you can reserve:

The $99 price and release date are most likely just placeholders for right now.

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  1. randomguy

    this is pretty dumb…especially for the workers of gamestop. Hey miss want to reserve this game for the wii u…the first thing shes going to ask for is when the wii u comes out and how much is it going to be and what are the features of the console…we only know about the wii u control pad [no price on that], nothing about the wii u hardware wise, and no price point at all for it…heck, the games themselves arent even priced yet according to nintendo…

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