Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Screenshots Emerge And Show A Completely New Game

Take the above image and get rid of the clutter because Final Fantasy XIV 2.0’s interface is subtle and beautiful. We knew that 2.0 was going to bring about gigantic changes to XIV and all for the better. The absolutely dreadful launch and post-life for XIV has been something Square-Enix has been on the ball about. Several patches have made the 1.0 version a bit better but it was obvious that most of the issues surrounding the MMO were fundamental and to the core.

In a staggering move, Square-Enix had finally told players, skeptics, and haters that the game would be completely retooled and redone. Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 is looking not only beautiful but… dat interface. You’ll find below some gameplay screens. This isn’t all of the screen shots released but I felt that seeing some combat, NPC chat, and character creation is more important then some in-game cutscene or whatever. We know Square-Enix can do those very well. We want XIV to actually function right. Click the pictures to see the full size.







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