What would you do to watch E3

Imagine if 6 months before Christmas there was a holiday where your parents announced what presents they are going to be getting for you! That’s basically what E3 is to most gamers. We rely on it to re-energize us, excite us, and keep our minds perched on the future of gaming.

Needless to say, it’s a big deal. So it’s at this time of year I ask myself what I would do to be able to watch the press conferences. Well a guy I know, but not me, might be at work right now writing an article about what he would do to be able to watch E3. This guy also might be glancing toward the door entering into his office, jumping at any sign of movement. He is both afraid for himself and his career, while feeling sorry for all those surrounding him for not being able to bathe in the wonder of “What are they going to announce!”. Thankfully though, the guy sitting next to him is acting as wing-man.

Maybe instead, not you but somebody you know would call in sick to work? “Sorry boss, I got the plague over the weekend. See you on Monday”. Or maybe you stream it on your phone, sneaking down on ‘smoke breaks’ mysteriously shy of any actual cigarettes just to get a drag of the Microsoft press conference.

Regardless of what you do, good luck, and god speed!