Ubisoft announces it’s new IP

The CEO of Ubisoft has announced their new IP, Watch Dogs. Some of the gameplay was revealed, and from the looks of this 3rd person open world explorer your character is a hacker who has some vendetta against the large corporate nature of information trading in the world today. Its set in a future not too far advanced from our own where Americans are ‘hooked in’ to the social network, depending on their cell phones and TVs like they depend on air.

You have the ability to, with a glance on your PDA, pull up personal information on those around you for the purposes of finding the contacts you need to complete your mission. Need to get across the street quickly? No problem, players can actually break into traffic lights to make the intersection all greens. Then, when you’ve grown bored of that, you can smack the hell out of bouncers with your police baton, or pull out an automatic weapon and engage in a thrilling shootout.

As though this weren’t enough, we suddenly discover that we will also be playing as the agent tracking down the man character. This obviously leaves the audience wondering, who’s the hero?

We aren’t yet certain exactly what the game is going to be about, or how your characters are involved. But what we do know is that we can look forward to this new IP.