Quantic Dream Reveals Beyond: Two Souls

David Cage from Quantic Dream reveals their first game since Heavy Rain. This PS3 exclusive game entitled Beyond: Two Souls in which you “leave the character’s body” and explore a different aspect of life and death. Jodie Holmes, the main character of the game, is played by Ellen Paige.

We were shown a scene with Jodie in a police station being asked questions by an officer. Jodie is silent but remarkable. The graphics are amazing here. The cup of coffee begins to shake on the desk. The office goes to look at a scar on Jodie’s head and the cup flies across the room. The officer leaves after the event. SWAT rushes into the station and surrounds the place. They crowd the entrance to the room Jodie is in. Door opens. Video empties out into a montage of scenes.

Alright, cliffhanger!!

Beyond: Two Souls will have much more info coming out in the coming months.