E3 2012 – Wii U price reported to be 30,000 yen

Japanese newspaper Nikkei is on fire today. Not only did it reveal a possible new, larger Nintendo 3DS model, but it also revealed the possible price tag for the Nintendo Wii U. Are you ready? Okay! Nikkei reported the Wii U launch price will be 30,000 yen. By today’s exchange rates, that equates to about $383 in U.S. dollars, £249 in British pounds or €306 Euros.

Andriasang is responsible for translating the original report from Nikkei. Nikkei’s sources, at this moment, are unclear; it could have either been an inside tip or simply a toss-up. We won’t know for a while, as Nintendo has already stated that it will not discuss price or other details of the Wii U launch at this year’s E3. Boooooo.