Diable 3 PS3

E3 2012: Retailer Lists Diablo 3 on PS3

German retailer Redcoon has listed Diablo 3 for PS3. There is no mention of an Xbox 360 version.

If Sony has acquired the exclusive console version of the game it would be a tremendous PR boost to the company, especially given the franchises PC exclusivity until this point.

Blizzard has not to date announced a console version of the game though it did state in 2010 that it was working on a console concept for the title.

The company also created a console team and specifically mentioned an Xbox 360 version though it is possible that the company struck a deal with Sony or that the title will ultimately reach both platforms.

If it is coming to PS3 then we might (hopefully) see a deal similar to the one Sony signed with Valve for Portal 2 which would allow people to against gamers on other platforms possibly using the options available with the rumoured agreement – or even take-over – of Gaikai or OnLive by Sony.