Dust 514

E3 2012 – Dust 514 beta for PS3, Vita details

More information about the upcoming free-to-play FPS Dust 514 has come our way, thanks to Icelandic developer CCP, the studio behind EVE Online.

The beta for Dust 514 is set to begin on Friday, June 29th. For those of you interested in the beta, you can register right here. Keep in mind that players “will be chosen at random to participate.” In other words, there’s no guarantee you’ll be chosen for the beta when you sign up.

In addition, CCP has shed some light about the PlayStation Vita-centric “companion app.” Titled Dust 514: Neocom, it is an “app [that] integrates services that incorporate the feel and functionality from Dust 514 on PlayStation 3, with a focus on customization, communication and trade. Each character can be customized and configured using Dust 514: Neocom; players can create and edit customized fittings (load-outs) with a huge variety of dropsuits, weapons, equipment, modules and vehicles.”

It sucks that there isn’t a Vita version of Dust 514, which seems like such a lost opportunity, but regardless, the app can become an integral part of your Dust 514 experience.

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