Assassins Creed gameplay footage revealed

What everyone was probably looking forward to at the Ubisoft conference was new information on Assassin’s Creed 3. The gaming community has been rewarded with the newest trailer, focusing on our character (Conner) sprinting through a battle, cutting down men while under the watchful eye of General George Washington. Like the other action trailers that have been released for this series, they spark the excitement in it’s fans as thunderous applause followed after.

But the greatness doesn’t end there. We finally get a look at some gameplay footage. How players will be able to bound from tree to tree, kill some of the local wildlife, and even get killed by it if you aren’t careful. Along with the classic wrist blade, we will see a return of the wrist mounted musket. But, players now have access to a thrown rope that will let them hang passersby as a new type of stealth assassination. Unlike previous Assassins Creeds, which were largely secluded to cities, players will be able to explore the expansive forests of the original colonies for the purpose of sneaking your way into old British wood forts. Conner will scale trees, cliff faces, and large spiked walls just for the opportunity to plant a musket ball in a tank of gunpowder so that all hell can break loose.

We also get to see Conner infiltrate and take out a member of the Templars, the series’ main antagonists.

Players will have the opportunity to live by the creed soon!