Why Does Minecraft Xbox Censor Signs?





If you type in something inappropriate on a sign in Minecraft for the Xbox 360 you get a sign that reads four lines of Censored. Minecraft’s point is to give the player the ability to build, and the freedom to do whatever he wants with those blocks. The Censorship, which only affects Online games, is a pointless feature.

It’s rumored that Microsoft required this censorship. I believe it could also be because of their ESRB rating. But either way this is a stupid idea. A game could have kept its E rating and like so many other gams by adding “Game Experience may change with Online Play.”

More importantly the game isn’t just censoring naughty words. Sure, the reason that I’m writing this is because I wasn’t able to poke fun at a friend by changing all of his signs to something inappropriate. But at the same time I’m not able to label my chests with words like “Hoe(s), or Monster Drops.”

I’m a little disappointed in Mojang, and Notch for not pushing for a way to get around this rule. The multiplayer in Minecraft is only from console to console. There are no open servers, so the only people you are going to be playing with are people on your friends list. Your friends know what is appropriate for your group, and really this could all be self-censored. If something is inappropriately worded censorship could even be an option under settings. But even that shouldn’t be required.

In Minecraft you can build colossal towers spelling out profanity or depicting human anatomy. So why did they spend the time to censor the little signs that label my chests? It seems more juvenile to censor the word “farts” then to write it on a sign. There are so many much more extreme ways to make the game inappropriate than using signage.  If censorship really was as big of an issue as 4-J Studios is making it seem, then Minecraft couldn’t have been released at all. So why are my signs still censored?

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  1. Medic8D

    I agree, this is rather stupid. I found this after making a sign for my house. As I was messing around I added “Master Pimp” to the list of silly titles I had given myself. Bam, sign full of CENSORED! To make things worse, you can’t edit the sign. Accidentally add one of the many words M$ is afraid kids might see and whoops, gotta redo the entire thing. I did find that it doesn’t notice if you have the letters on different levels, though, so for certain four letter words you could get away with it.

    To top it all off, editing a sign makes a constant “boop… boop… boop” noise, even if you’re not typing.

  2. WeaverSka

    I tried to leave the co-ordinates of my house on a mulitplayer game while the people i was playing with were AFK, and it kept censoring it!
    Why are XYZ co-ordinates censored!? Ridiculous!

  3. MinaMachine

    I wrote ‘Wednesday” and it keeps censoring it, but I can leave messages about the nether as being ‘hell’ and it’s fine. What the nether??

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