Team Solomid says League of Legends will beat Starcraft 2 in eSports popularity

In the always continuing popularity contest of professional gaming, Starcraft 2 has always been the prettiest girl at the pageant. Not only is it the primary eSports game, but Starcraft helped pave the way for the creation of eSports in the first place. Will this juggernaut ever stand aside and allow anyone else into the spotlight?

Team Solomid certainly thinks so. According to their manager Andy “Reginald” Dinh League of Legends will soon beat out Starcraft as the primary eSports game. League of Legends has already stomped records for prize money and spectators for a single tournament. He believes that any spectator sport needs to feel intense and be easy to understand. The simple team based strategy of League of Legends can appeal to these philosophies.

The Season One Championship for League of Legends offered 100k to the winners, where the end of Season Two will be offering 5 million. With only a year difference between the two championships, League of Legends may grow to rival Starcraft 2.