PlayStation Plus

Sony To Announce PlayStation Plus Changes at E3

Sony has all but confirmed that recent rumours surrounding possible changes to the premium PlayStation Plus service are correct.

The company has posted an image on it’s US website informing people about the PlayStation E3 media conference which teases “the future of PlayStation Plus.”

There has been speculation in recent weeks that Sony were set to announce a tiered service which would reward gamers with a larger selection of free titles depending on which tier they subscribed to. The company is also expected to announce that the service is being rolled out to PSVita.

It is also possible that revamp has something to do with the deal, and possible acquisition, of Gaikai or OnLive by the company.

Whatever Sony are planning we will know tomorrow; their conference is scheduled to commence at the times listed on the image above and at 01:00 GMT/02:00 BST in Europe.