Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Could be Three Times Longer than Resi 5

Resident Evil 6 may be as much as three times the length of its predecessor. Capcom have already announced that there will be three separate story-lines and it now appears that each section will take as long as the entirety of Resident Evil 5.

Playing as Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Jake Muller we’ve been promised a significantly different style of gameplay in each of the three stories.

Executive Producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi had this to say:

“There are a couple of ways we’re trying to differentiate the stories in the game. For example we’re trying to incorporate horror elements into all the stories. But as you know horror is a big genre and there are different types of horror, so Leon’s story is more traditional gothic horror, while Chris is in battle, and as he fights his way and moves forward the things that he encounters are horrific in their own way.”

A demo of Resident Evil 6 will be available in September to anyone who purchased Dragon’s Dogma and the game is set to hit stores in October with Capcom having made the unusual move of bringing the release date forward from November.